Laboratorio Enologico Toscano was founded in 1945. Our business is to provide the best products, services and analysis for the wine industry. Our main purposes are directed to research and development of quality.

With more than 60 years of experience, LET can offer the most innovative nutritional and protective technologies for the vineyard.

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Laboratorio Enologico Toscano brand is a complete line of product, engineered and tested to be a benchmark among oenological products.

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Oenotria is a complete high quality line of products and technology for winemaking having an exclusive mix of active ingredients with high concentration.

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Our Services

LET offers a complete consultancy service in agriculture and winemaking fields.

Vineyard engineering

We engineer new vineyards and we follow the work in progress to give our customers the best assistance possible.

Winery Design

We design cellars, from the structural level to the equipment, to optimize all the production processes.


Consultancy for the management of the vineyard. Evaluation, management and examination of soil and leaves.

LET can follow the entire vegetation season and evaluate with the customer the best strategies for his vineyard.

From the maturation of grapes to the bottling line, we can help a winery along all the process.

Last News

In this section you can find our technical suggestions, informations about our products and our research activities. Our last tests made in our laboratory and the results obtained with our products and consultancies directly with our customers.

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