Harvest time – Wine making products

Each wine is a different story, there are no recipes, there are no universal products, only the technical experience and preparation of the winemaker can ensure the best results.

However, there are general tips that LET is happy to give to his customers to share information obtained through experience and years of hard work. The first tip is to always check the analytical values of the grapes and grape must, knowledge of the base helps, always, but especially at this stage to prevent errors or recover any shortcomings. In case of damages on the berries, depending on the state of health of the grapes, it is recommended to evaluate the use of enzymatic preparations, in some cases the effects could be counterproductive.

We always recommend the use of natural antioxidants and SO2, especially where there are high percentage of damage from pathogens; OenoMag is the ideal product, specifically designed for difficult situations, it is the security to prevent any oxidation and microbiological changes.

It is always recommended to use Selected Strain of Yeasts with the specific aim of optimizing the original must. WinCru WinFerm both ensure the enhancement of the grapes. Each yeast has its own characteristics, from an excellent aromatic extraction to the extreme fermentation capacity, every situation is different and there is a right Yeast to manage and enhance it, discover our line here.

Fundamental to obtain the best results from our yeast strains is the use of activators and nutrients equally performing. Win Energy Starter, Win Nutrient Bio and the all Fosfovit range provide, in combination with our strains, clean and safe Alcoholic fermentation.

WinZym is a range of enzymatic preparations based on our experience, high performance, free of harmful secondary activities, free weights and coformulants aggregates.

WinZym enzymes work even at low temperatures, extremes pH, in every situation there is no compromise, fining (WinZym Clar), red grapes maceration (WinZym Color), and maceration of white grapes (WinZym HX) are our technical pride.

WinTan is the range of more powerful tannins present in the market, very high solubility, high concentrations of tannic acid, low dose, tangible results. Available both as pure essences and as ready for use targeted mix .

Laboratorio Enologico Toscano, thanks to the experience gained in over 50 years of technical activities in winemaking and thanks to innovation and research is able to provide technologically advanced products and technical support of the highest level.

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