Harvest time – Wine making products

Each wine is a different story, there are no recipes, there are no universal products, only the technical experience and preparation of the winemaker can ensure the best results. However, there are general tips that LET is happy to give to his customers to share information obtained through experience and years of hard work. The

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The importance of analysis in harvest time

Analyzing the 2014, marked by heavy rains, hail and phytopathogenic relevant attacks, we cancertainly say that it is necessary to be careful, in order to obtain equally high quality wines. In addition to recommending defense treatment against rot and, since we are close to the harvest, the most suitable product is the Antimyc, natural, non-harmful

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Botrytis Cinerea and Acetic Rotten

Botrytis Cinerea and Acetic Rotten, a solution is possible and real! When the vintage is marked by significant rainfall events and pathogens relevant attacks. To get good wines you should care particularly attention to the situation of the grapes due to conduct fermentation optimally. To get this goal it’s advised to make analysis focused on

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