Nutrition & Protection


• B. thuringiensis P.B.
• Pyrethroids Liq.
• Clorpiriphos Metile Liq.
• Pheromone traps


• Gliphosate
• Oxifluorfen
• Others

Resistance Inducers

Resistance to Downy Mildew
•Manzic : manganese/zinc edta
•Activo rame: Copper Gluconate

The resistance inducers allow the use of less traditional pesticides up to 50%. Their function is to stimulate the natural resistance of the plant to fungal pathogens. NB. The LET technical staff is always available to design targeted applications.

Rebalancing of Microflora

• Antimyc B. licheniformis + B. subtilis Liq.

Antimyc is an unique product. It has a specific action on the radical apparatus and leaves of vines. The high content of specific microorganisms is able to balance both foliar and root microflora, stimulating the development of vegetation. It inhibits the spread of bacterial and fungal diseases through natural mechanisms.
Antimyc, is harmless to vines and to the environment, is able to colonize sites at high risk of infection from major vineyard pathogens (Botrytis cinerea rot acid, etc.) by preventing their spread.

14 – 1
Foliar Fertilizers

•Hascon M 10 AD
•Hascon 12
• Algaren
• Nutrigreen AD
• Vit org
• Greenhum
• Kelamith Fe
• Calciogreen
• Magnesiogreen
• Essekappa 25
• Magic P

Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners

Fertilizzanti spa Granular mineral-organic Fertilizers
•NPK 8-6-10S
•NPK 4-6-12S
•NPK 4-9-18S
•NPK 4-9-18S+2MgO
•NPK 12-6-14S+2 MgO
•NPK 14-6-8S
•NPK 12-5-5S
•NP 3-11
•NP 3-11 Bio
Idea Verde srl
•Verdazoto N11 Bio
Trasimeno srl Fertilizer and Granular mineral-organic Fertilizers
•Golden Agro Organic Manure
•NPK 6-7-7S Organic

Immagine111 copia

Against Downy Mildew
• Rame Idrossido Wdg
• Rame Ossicloruro Wdg / P.B.
• Rame Solf. Tribasico Liq.
• Poltiglia Bordolese Wdg
• Cimoxanil puro Wdg
• Cimoxanil/Rame P.B.
• Dimetomorf/Rame P.B.
• Dimetomorf puro liq.
• Metalaxil/Rame Wdg
• Phosetil/Rame Wdg
• Phosetil Al Wdg

Against Botritys
• Fluazinam

Against Powdery Mildew
• Slow Release Sulfur in Microgranules
• Liquid Slow Release Sulfur
• Sulphur + IBE Microgranules
• IBE pure Liq.
• Ventilated Sulfur
• Double Sulfur Vented Sliding
• Sulphur Copper 3% and 5%

Immagine1 copia

Scary Deer
Natural repellent for deer.