About Us

Laboratorio Enologico Toscano was founded in 1945 from Cav. Carlo Vannini, initially as an analytic laboratory and consultancies spot.
In 1989 it was taken over by the current company. The business is today managed by Alessandro Spatafora and his team.

The core business of LET srl is the production and commercialization of oenological products, LET service is the Analytic and Consultancies department with more than 60 years of experience.
We can offer the best technology with the best technical support, a complete staff constantly updated.


Laboratorio Enologico Toscano, with his brands, works in Italy and all around the world ; our technology and our technical knowledge for our customers.

The brand Oenotria was born from the need to have products with excellent technical qualities and high performance .
Oenotria is available to winemakers since 2005, Let srl has made a complete range of products of high quality able to satisfy every need of vinification and fining.
Whole range planned and built for higher quality wines, with the specific aim of promoting and express the full potential of each wine.
Our formulations are exclusive, made after years of tests and experience by our technicians.