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The importance of analysis in harvest time

Analyzing the 2014, marked by heavy rains, hail and phytopathogenic relevant attacks, we cancertainly say that it is necessary to be careful, in order to obtain equally high quality wines. In addition to recommending defense treatment against rot and, since we are close to the harvest, the most suitable product is the Antimyc, natural, non-harmful to the environment.

Antimyc it’s not even dangerous for the health and does not affect the performance of fermentation. Be careful also to the analysis, in order to transform the hard work done in the vineyard to the cellar with a good result you need to check values. To get the best possible result we can analyze the maturation curves and perform specific analysis of maturity, resulting in a general framework that allows to optimize the production.

After harvesting the grapes, we should be familiar with the analytical values of the must so that we can create and maintain the optimum conditions for yeast in fermentation, a fermentation under control is the base on which to develop a great wine. The sources of nitrogen, for example, are often underestimated values , but are decisive for the quality of the final product, as other parameters that our technical staff keeps under control and is able to better manage. Laboratorio Enologico Toscano offers analysis packages or complete individual parameter, due to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and, of course, the best possible result in the cellar.

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