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Laboratorio Enologico Toscano offers almost 70 years of impeccable service of consultancy in the field of wine.
The staff that has formed over the years, which is constantly upgraded with the entry of young technicians and graduate students, is able to offer a fast and flawless.

Agronomic Consultancies
Follow the vineyard management is always a mission of LET technicians; fertilization management, consultation of analytical data of soil and leaves, evaluation of pruning and general management. For any requirement LET is able to offer a solution.

Phitopatology Consultancies
Laboratorio Enologico Toscano is able to follow the entire season and evaluate together with the customer the best solution and the most appropriate strategy to obtain the best quality grapes.
Our technicians are able to provide assistance on both the traditional and the organic world, concern for the environment has always been one of our priorities.

Zero residuals goal: to plan together with the customer the defense of the vineyard, with the aim to have no chemical residues on grapes.
Respect for the environment: zero residuals means reasoned and rational use of the products, minimal environmental impact and respect for the consumer.

In general a rational and thoughtful products for defense spending amounts to less than the standard.

Enological Consultancies
From the evaluation of the ripening of grapes to the bottling, there is no problem without a solution.

Our highly skilled winemakers are able to collaborate with wineries to plan and manage any type of operation in the cellar.
In addition, thanks to direct connection with the laboratory, each result will be secured and well managed.

Vineyard Design

Create a new wine means designing the entire process from the ground up, choose the right soil, manage the analysis and the plans for fertilization to the mechanical operations; provide assistance in the selection of varieties, clones and rootstocks; execute squares of the plant, witnessing the planting and management of the entire process works.

Winery Design

Thirty years of experience in the wine industry, and expertise enable us to design wineries of all sizes and types from the point of view of structural / architectural both for the plant, equipment and optimization of production processes.
In addition, our technicians are qualified to work in the direction of 360 degrees, our technical group includes Winemakers, Agricultural Engineers, Chemists, Engineers and Surveyors.